Introduction to Digital Audio
15 min

Setting up the activity
15 min
Here are the steps for starting the digital audio book activity:
  1. Arrange yourselves in groups of 3
  2. Choose a children's book (first come, first serve)
  3. Check out 1 iPad per group (make a note of the number)
  4. Your Group number will be the number of your iPad (e.g., Group 1, Group 2, etc.)
  5. Open the Evernote app
Using Evernote
15 min
  1. Log in to Evernote
  2. Find the Stack titled "Teaching with Technology, M-W (or T-H)
  3. Find the Notebook with your group's number (or letter)
Recording and Capturing Book
1 hour
  1. Create a new note and name it Audio
  2. Take turns Reading/Recording each page of your book
    • Don't forget to create audio for the cover of the book, including title, author, and illustrator
  3. Save each page as a separate audio file
  4. Create a new note and name it Images
  5. Open the Camera app
  6. Take a picture of each page in the book, crop if necessary
    • Don't forget to take a picture of the cover
  7. Go back to Evernote and add each picture to the Images note
Retrieving your media
15 min
  1. Open Firefox and go to http://www.evernote.com
  2. Log in using the above information
  3. Find your folder
  4. Open Audio note and e-mail it to one person in your group
  5. Open Images and e-mail it to one person in your group
  6. Open your e-mail and check for both messages
  7. Create a folder on the desktop and download all media into that folder
    • You may want to create separate folders for audio and images
Mixing your media in PhotoStory
30 min
  1. Open PhotoStory on the lab computer
  2. Load all images into the storyboard
  3. Put all images in the correct order
  4. Adjust the duration of each slide to match the length of the audio for that page.
  5. Go to the Music page and add the appropriate audio file for each page
  6. Save project along the way
  7. Finish project by saving it as a video file
  8. Upload video file to Activity 3 under In-Class Activities on eCollege
Google Drive
You will also want to have each person in the group save a copy of the digital storybook in their Google Drive