August 27

Slides for today:

5 min
  • Survey results
  • What makes teaching a "profession"?
  • Nature of Teaching
  • Teacher Preparation
    • Then
    • Now
  • State Certification
  • Accreditation
  • Professional Development
  • Mentoring
  • Teacher Associations
Survey results
5 min
Here are the top results from the class about teacher qualities you feel you need to improve on:
  1. Communicating Clearly
  2. Experience
  3. Being Structured AND Flexible
  4. Admitting Mistakes
  5. Conflict Resolution
What makes teaching a "profession"?
15 min
Think, Pair, Share: What makes a "profession" different than a "job"? How are they the same?

Get responses from the class.
Teaching as a profession
20 min
There are several attributes of teaching that would define it as a "profession" and more than a just a job:
  • A defined body of knowledge
    • Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK)
    • Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPaCK)

  • Controlling requirements

    • varies across states
  • Autonomy
  • Certification and Licensing
  • Prestige
Teacher Training
30 min
Normal Schools

Teaching Colleges

Teacher Education Programs
Establishing Teaching Professional Standards
30 min

Other Teacher Education Issues
Professional Development