Seating Arrangements
5 min
From this point on in the semester, there will be assigned areas of the room to sit. I will show each group where to sit and have everyone move there. This will assist in attendance-taking, handing in assignments and other administrative tasks.
Overview of eCollege
10 min
We will cover the following features:
  • Announcements
  • Syllabus
  • Course Documents
  • Submit Assignments
  • Dropbox
  • DocShare
Collect ID Information
5 min
Your TAs will come around and collect your forms for the Background Check. Make sure it includes:
  • Photocopy of ID
  • FWISD Criminal Background Check forms
  • Risk Management form

In the event that you forgot yours day, bring it to Jeannie Bosillo (308 Bailey Building). Make sure you tell her which class the background check is for. We will have everyone cleared by next week in time for the first observation.
Book Reports
30 min
The first major assignment you have coming up is Book Report 1. You will complete 3 book reports this semester, which will be part of your Final Project for the class.

Let's discuss the procedures for the assignment:

You need to choose a book ASAP and find a copy of it (buy used from Amazon, check library, etc.). Most of these books can be obtained for very cheap on the Web, but you must order them NOW so you have adequate time to read them and write the report.

When you are done with the report, you will upload it to the eCollege Drop Box. Once you have done this once, you will find the process pretty easy. Please name your file using the following protocol:
  • lastname_firstname_book_report1

This will help us keep track of everyone's paper. There are two main things to remember when submitting your first paper:
  1. DO NOT print your paper and bring it to class. It will get lost and never found again.
  2. DO NOT e-mail me or your TA your paper. It will suffer the same fate as the printed copy.
Breakout Groups
1 hour
You will now transition to your breakout groups for an activity. You will sign the attendance sheet with your TA. Don't forget to do this.