Web Tools in the Classroom

  1. Learn how to use a variety of innovative web tools
  2. See how they might be used for student learning
  3. Create some of your own activities

Wikis (www.wikispaces.com)

Features of interest to teachers:
  • Add student accounts in bulk from a spreadsheet
  • Discussion tool
  • Projects tool
  • Easy to update and edit
  • Works well with other tools

Book Activity
Wikispaces login:
  • username: tcu_coe#
  • password: gofrogs

VoiceThread (www.voicethread.com)

Features of interest to teachers:
  • Multiple logins from one account
  • Many ways to comment
  • Includes student voice
  • Hide comments from other users

VoiceThread Activity
You will need to quickly create a VT account to do this activity. Take a minute to visit VoiceThread and create an account. You'll be glad you did.

Blogs (www.kidblog.org)

Features of interest to teachers:
  • Add student accounts in bulk from a spreadsheet
  • Post and comment moderation
  • Limited design options
  • Ability to hyperlink, add images, documents, video, etc.
  • Teacher has control over what students post
  • Control over permissions (anyone, only those in class, teacher only)

Sample teacher blogs:

Blog Activity
Answer the following prompt: Now that this story is over, tell the story of what you think happens in the sequel to Randy Riley's Really Big Hit.
Kidblog login: same as Wikispaces

Google Docs (drive.google.com)

Features of interest to teachers:
  • Teacher and students can access files from any computer
  • Students can collaborate on papers, presentations, spreadsheets of drawings
  • Easy to poll or quiz students, with results put in a spreadsheet
  • No login required to edit files
  • Version history, in case someone totally destroys a file

Google Document example

Create your own form example

Google Fusion Tables (drive.google.com)

I will walk you through the next activity. You will need to have all of the following links open at once in different tabs: