Badges, Continued

Finish Badges
45 min
For those groups that need to finish, you will have some time in class to complete your badges projects. You can refer to last week's lesson plan for details. All links should be added to the spreadsheet on Google Drive.

If your group is done with all three badges, you can work on a Bonus project:

You will create a Digital Story using still images and voice-over narration. You can use either PhotoStory3 or Movie Maker to create this project. Your story can follow one of the following themes, and you can capture the images any way you want. The story must consist of at least 10 images. Save your digital story as a .wmv file, upload it to Google Drive and paste the link to the spreadsheet.

Possible Themes
  • Modern Day Version of a Fairy Tale
  • Shakespeare Reloaded
  • Alien abduction
  • The Walking Dead
  • Celebrity sightings on the TCU campus
  • Best places to eat, study, hang out, etc. at TCU
Digital Video Project
35 min