September 16

Documents as an Instructional Tool

Personal blog
  1. Posting
  2. Using categories or labels
  3. Organization of posts
  4. Classroom blogs and blog tools

Blog post for this week:
  • Create your blog (if you have not done so already)
  • Send me the URL to your blog via e-mail
  • I will add it to my reader and follow your progress

Blog Readers: Feedly
More on Multimedia Theory of Cognitive Learning


Making 3D figures out of paper
  1. Choose a template (contains two copies)
  2. Practice with the first copy
    • Create a list of materials
    • Write down the steps of the process
    • Make sure your steps are appropriate sized chunks of information
  3. Open SnapGuide on the iPad
  4. Login using the following credentials
  5. Create a SnapGuide
    • Create a list of materials on the first slide
    • Guide learners through each step of process using pictures
    • Make the last step of the tutorial a video demonstrating the entire process from beginning to end
  6. Publish the SnapGuide by clicking Publish
  7. After the guide is published, choose the Mail icon
  8. Copy the URL for the guide down and paste it into this form
  9. Discard the mail message
  10. Close the SnapGuide app
Using Documents in the Classroom
  • Structuring research projects
    • Traditional way
    • Digital way

  • Using documents to guide research
    • Choose a topic
    • Decide how to structure the topic so students know what they are looking for
    • Create a guide for students to follow when they are researching information for their report
    • Find 5 websites that are appropriate for students to use for their reports

  • Create a second document with QR Codes students can scan when researching their topic
    • Open PPT
    • Create one slide for each website you found
    • Create a QR code for each website
    • Paste the QR code in the slide
    • Make sure you give each slide some sort of header so people know what the QR code is pointing to

  • Upload both files to Google Drive and share with

  • Share projects with the class
For this week
  1. Create your blog
  2. Send me the URL (e-mail)
  3. Post about the class meeting tonight using the format on eCollege (3-2-1)
  4. Get started on your 10 Tools Challenge and post at least one update
  5. Separate the posts using Categories