Mobile Learning Theory

September 23, 2013

Mobile Learning Theory discussion
  1. Gratuitous personal opinion about technology somewhat supported by other people much smarter than me: Learning has always followed technology
  2. Criteria for Mobile Learning
    • Learners are on the move
    • Learning may occur in spaces not traditionally seen as learning spaces
    • Based on practices that enable successful learning
      • Learner-centered
      • Knowledge-centered
      • Assessment-centered
      • Community-centered
  3. Interaction between New Learning and New Technologies
    • New Learning
      • Personalized
      • Learner-centered
      • Situated
      • Collaborative
      • Ubiquitous
      • Lifelong
    • New Technologies
      • Personal
      • User-centered
      • Mobile
      • Networked
      • Ubiquitous
      • Durable
  4. Definition of Mobile Learning
    • The Process of coming to know through conversations across multiple contexts among people and personal interactive technologies.
  5. Learning as Conversation
  6. Creating learning context
    • As Shell: situates a learner in a particular environment
    • As Interaction: a social network of shared ideas or interests, arriving at a shared understanding
  7. Mobile Learning Framework

external image 1-s2.0-S0360131509002358-gr1.jpg
Two Mobile Learning activities


  • Take a notecard with your topic
  • Login to Google Drive
  • Create a Google Presentation
  • Create a non-linear presentation on your topic. You will need to research this information, and include pictures. Your presentation will include:
    • A home slide
    • A slide about the person’s background
    • A slide about the person’s notable achievements
    • A slide about modern adaptations of that person’s work
    • Each of these slides will be linked to from the home slide, and include a link taking the user back to the home slide.
  • Once your presentation is done, click on Share and make sure it is Public or Anyone with link.
  • Click on Present, and copy the URL from the presentation window.
  • Create a QR code using that URL.
  • Make a print out with the QR code on it, and print it out.


  • Login to Evernote
  • Create a new note in the notebook for our class
  • Find 3 statues of a horned frog on campus
  • For each statue,
    • Take a picture
    • Describe the artwork used to portray the horned frog (e.g., abstract, realistic, art deco, etc.) with an audio note. Include details about how large the statue is, what material it is made from, and what the horned frog seems to be doing. Also include whether or not the horned frog serves another purpose besides being art.
    • Write a brief description for each statue describing where it is on campus.
  • When you get back to the room, sync the note to the Cloud. Everyone else’s notes should show up in the notebook.